VNL Trials 2018 – Ariels

Pre-screening trial for 19u 2018 – 20th August

Pre-Screening Trial Poster – VNL 2018

All players who are not in a VNL team or VNL clubs 1s squad/team in 2017 and eligible for 19u in 2018, will need to attend this pre-screening trial to be considered for the 19u VNL trials in September. Pre-screening registrations have closed.

If your VNL club has more than 1 squad/development team and you play do not play in the top team you will need to attend the pre-screening trial.

Trial Poster for Ariels VNL 2018

19u trials – Trial dates

– Friday 8th September, call back date – Monday 11th September.

If you are not currently playing in a VNL team or VNL clubs 1s squad you must attend the pre-screening trial for 19u on Sunday 20th Aug

click on this link to take you to the try booking page to register – ensure you complete the registration and receive a confirmation email.

Division 1 and Championship trials – Trial dates

– Monday 4th September, call back date – Friday 15th September

Registrations for Division 1 and Championship have closed. If you are a current VNL player interested in trialling please email Nicole –