Ariels is privileged to have had outstanding contributions from many current and former club members, committee and staff over the past nine decades.

We would like to acknowledge the following people, who have been awarded life membership for their service to the club.

Ann Alexander

Bev Atkinson

Dorothy Aitken

Karen Black

Bev Bullas

Jenny Coulthard

Keith Dealy

Shirley Dealy

Bessie Devenish

Sue Dickinson

Pat Fisher

Kim Holmes

Jan Knight

Beryl Lawson

Maureen Manuell

Caron Marks (2017)

Christine Melnikas

Helen Mihalic

Nancy Miller

Warren Murdoch

Colin Naylor

Keisha Noble (2021)

Nicole O’Hare (2018)

Lorraine Perks

Rosie Poulton (2016)

Christina Puopolo

Gus Puopolo

Barbara Ritchie

Jan Seedy

Boby Trembath

Bessie Wall

Nancy Watts

Rose Weaver

Bruce Wills

Janet Woolhouse